Up bright and early again today, completed my 6 mile training run and core work from Best Body Bootcamp. I alternated between fast and moderate speeds every 5 minutes. It felt good.
I love my early morning workouts, the house is quiet, it's just me, the treadmill and my iPad. No one needs me, no one is calling me, it is the calm before the storm.
I started my early morning workouts a few years ago when the boys were small, out of necessity. There just wasn't any other time to get it in.

Exercise in the morning Before your brain figures out what you are doing...

Now I do it because it feels good. It feels good to check something off the ever growing to do list first thing in the morning. It is also nice to have a little me time even if it is at 5 a.m. Granted it is not always easy to get out of bed but once I am up and finished, I am energized for the day.

Energized to tackle the TO DO LIST. I love lists, it keeps me on track, allows me to make sure everything is getting done and not forget anything. However, one day, just one day I would like to see the end of the to do list. I would like to not have to move something to tomorrow because I just didn't get to it today. I am not sure this will be possible until the boys are older and have moved out but one can dream.

Question of the day:

I would love to be a spokesperson for...

I am going to give 2 answers

First, the frivilous answer, I would love to be a spokesperson for Lucy

athletic wear. I love Lucy clothes, not only their running gear but their everyday wear as well. It fits great, it looks good, and it washes and wears well. The problem, it is pricey, so I shop the sales rack and the online sales. But when I wear my Lucy clothes I feel good, so Lucy if you are reading I will gladly try out and review your clothes for you.

Second, the serious answer, I would love to be a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. If you read my first posts question of the day, Day One, you see one reason why this is important to me. I have also had other family members who have had heart disease, heart attacks and I have an "odd" heart beat. I would love to talk about and help people to get active and get educated about a healthy lifestyle to keep and get their hearts healthy. I am not saying get people running marathons but take a walk, go explore some local trails or go for a bike ride. Get people to try to eat healthier, food is still good when it's healthy. There are many health issues that are apart of my family history including cancer, alzheimers, etc. But to me heart health is one I have some control over. I can do my best to keep my heart strong which may in turn help prevent these other health concerns..

Who would you be a spokesperson for?

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