6 Warning Signs of Colon Cancer That Every Young Woman Should Know

Prevalence of colon cancer in women is increasing day-by-day. This fatal disease develops due to production of malignant cells in large intestine. According to reports, billions of patients die due to colon cancer every year. Habit of smoking, heavy alcohol drinking, and obesity are the major risk factors that may accelerate the growth of abnormal cancerous cells in colon. Health care experts estimate that mortality ratio due to this cancer will double up in upcoming time. However, it is a highly preventable disease and can be managed by quitting a sedentary lifestyle.

Colon cancer does not show any considerable symptom in early stages. The following list exhibits some of the warning signs and symptoms of colon cancer which may remain unnoticed. Women should take care of their health and should not ignore the following health signals.

1. Dark Bloody Stools

Bleeding from rectum region or dark bloody stools usually indicate underlying health problems like fissure or hemorrhoid. However, if patients notice a large amount of blood in stools for more than a week, they should definitely contact a well-experienced doctor. It has been observed that blockage in colon results in dark and bloody stools, which may further develop into colon cancer if remain untreated.

2. Prolonged Constipation

Occasional constipation is a very normal thing. Anyone can get constipated due to improper food consumption sometimes. But a prolonged constipation and diarrhea is not good for health. It may indicate an underlying colon cancer disease.

3. Cramping

Unusual painful spasms in lower stomach area are referred to as cramps. Women experiencing abdominal discomfort and cramps without any reason should promptly meet a gynecologist. Gynecologist will thoroughly evaluate patient’s condition and may order further test in serious cases.

4. Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight loss without any serious effort and exercising can be linked with serious medical issue including a colon cancer. Women who observe an unexplained weight loss should meet a qualified medical professional to understand the exact condition. In most instances, cancer is the culprit which fuels up the weight loss.

5. Extreme Tiredness or Fatigue

Cancer weakens the immune system to a greater extent. Women may fail to perform daily routine tasks effortlessly. Studies reveal that extreme tiredness and fatigue may be an indication of colon cancer. Women experiencing extreme weakness and tiredness even while doing simple activities should consult a physician immediately.

6. Vomiting or Nausea

Vomiting is not a serious issue and it can be caused due to many reasons. Medical professionals state that a feeling of nausea accompanied by constipation may be a warning sign of colon cancer due to bowel obstruction.

Timely detection and an appropriate colon cancer treatment can help save lives of many patients. Robotic colorectal surgery is a feather in the cap of colon cancer treatment. Patients struggling with high-end colon cancer may opt for this surgery. However, robotic colorectal surgery cost can vary depending on provisions of healthcare center and patient’s overall medical status.

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